Las Vegas

Today, Las Vegas is visited by more than 38 million people a year. And recycling has become one of the most important programs in the city.

World giants of the gaming industry MGM Resorts, Caesars Entertainment and Las Vegas Sands were among the first in Nevada among the companies that are struggling with the processing of household waste. Including food waste, used containers, paper. For example, MGM Resorts managers said that since 2007 the level of waste processing from their casinos and hotels has increased by 40%. Caesars Entertainment has announced plans for the collection and recycling of their waste products – increased by 50% by 2020.

Recently, they included in the program and processing of cigarette filters. So, according to modern technologies that allow you to completely remove the smell of tobacco, filters (cigarette butts) go to the production of disposable tableware.

Today it is the most large-scale program on fight against waste. It is known that cigarette butts in the casino and on the streets, not only in Las Vegas, a huge amount. In this regard, many people prefer to stay home and play online. They can find all Online Casino Boni Bewertungen and choose the best of them. Las Vegas casino owners are not satisfied with this. Therefore, they are doing everything possible to control waste. According to environmental experts, about 4.5 billion cigarette butts per year do not fall into the trash (ashtrays).

Also, the waste of restaurants and bars (food) is processed into high-quality compost, wine stoppers serve as raw materials in the Shoe industry, from beer cans are made decorative blocks. And from the squatting keys to the rooms, and other plastic cards, make decorative frames for paintings.

All residents of Las Vegas are encouraged to participate in the waste management program, with it, without any additional fees for services. And once again informed everyone about the special colored tanks on the streets – what color are designated tanks for certain waste, and what to do before sending waste to the tank. For example, the red tank is used for aluminum and tin cans and plastic bottles. The recommendation is to drain the fluid from such containers, and aluminum and tin cans, it is desirable to crush. In addition, any resident can call a special company, and he will deliver the necessary tanks or buckets for free.